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Philosophy and commitment

Pequeños Príncipes thinks of your baby's well-being

Our philosophy is to help protect, moisturise, soothe and regenerate the skin, of babies and children with natural products and ingredients from organic sources, creating safe and effective dermocosmetics.

Offering dermocosmetics to give your baby perfect moments of relaxation and pleasure. Formulas containing top-quality plant oils with nourishing and moisturising properties and plants extracts that help keep the skin soft.

Combining active ingredients that are beneficial for skin health, with science and technology. By bringing together the health benefits of natural ingredients and our laboratory and scientific knowledge, Pequeños Príncipes manages to offer advanced natural and organic cosmetics that your little one can enjoy with complete confidence.


Pequeños Príncipes is committed to producing natural and organic cosmetics for children:

  1. To provide environmentally friendly organic cosmetic products, for children that help to reinforce the skin's natural protection.
  2. To use formulations with natural active ingredients that ensure excellent skin tolerance.
  3. Not to use synthetic chemical preservatives. To use preservatives approved byBDIH.
  4. To use preservative systems similar to those offered by nature.
  5. To manufacture top-quality cosmetics that meet European quality standards.
  6. To certify our products externally. BDIH, the most prestigious German certifying body of product quality and quality standards in natural cosmetics.
  7. R&D in the latest developments in the market to continually improve the quality of our cosmetic products for children.
  8. To understand and tell mums and dads that babies' and children's skin is the most sensitive organ.

Responsible cosmetics

Benefits for skin health

Cosmetic products for children offering the benefits for skin health of active substances (our certified natural and organic active substances) from natural ingredients (obtained from organic sources to ensure they are ecological), produced in a high-tech cosmetics laboratory that meets all the European quality standards, in order to create a range of cosmetics with healthy, natural, organic ingredients using formulas designed by a team of professionals (healthcare professionals, pharmacists, chemists, etc.) who have a great deal of experience in the cosmetics sector.

Pequeños Príncipes understands that the present and future of natural cosmetics involves combining organic ingredients with a production process in the laboratory and effective scientific formulas that enable us to achieve products with the best guarantees.